Yavuz Selim Sarıibrahimoğlu at V European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Entrepreneurship

Founding partner of Sarıibrahimoğu Law Office was invited to “V European Congress of SMEs” as a guest speaker

Founding partner of  Sarıibrahimoğu Law Office was invited  to “V European Congress of SMEs” as a guest speaker which was held in Katowice, Poland on 13-14 October 2015. During the Congress Mr.Sarıibrahimoğlu presented report about Business Development between Turkey and Poland.
Small and medium-size entrepreneurship is the most important sector of the Polish and Turkish economy. It is also the main subject of the European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises. Challenges and possibilities of development of small and medium-size enterprises was discussed by the most significant personalities representatives of science, law, politics and economy.
In the economic and commercial domains, cooperation is rapidly and constantly developing between Turkey and Poland. Bilateral trade volume has reached 5.2 billion USD in 2013. (Turkey’s exports reached 2.06 billion USD, while its imports amounted to 3.184 billion USD in 2013).
Mr.Sarıibrahimoğlu states, that trade balance between two countries, based on objective data regarding what each country could export to another and what it could import from there, is the determining point of establishment economic peace without commercial competition. Aforementioned data, Mr.Sarıibrahimoğlu says,  should be prepared by specialists from two countrıes, who has specifically worked in State Treasury or State Planning Organisation.
Primary objective of development of trade and investment relation is finding and identifying areas that mutually improve country’s economies. Undoubtedly, qualified technical information is the raw basis of investment projects.


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